Calvary Hospital’s Mid-Year Campaign

mid-year campaign

Calvary Hospital’s Inaugural Mid-Year Campaign

This summer, Calvary Hospital proudly launched its inaugural Mid-Year Campaign with an ambitious goal of raising $250,000 by September 1, 2023.

Our Mid-Year Campaign officially ended on September 1, 2023, and has been an unprecedented success. We set out an ambitious goal of $250,000 this summer, and together we raised an astonishing $251,145 dollars.

Calvary Hospital’s Mid-Year Campaign was estaqblished to help Calvary bridge the deficient between the standard of care covered by insurance companies and the exceptional CalvaryCare® program of care, which places patient and family needs at the forefront, prioritizing quality of life over profits.

Unlike profit-oriented institutions, Calvary operates as one of the nation’s few not-for-profit Hospice care facilities, a beacon of love, hope, and compassion.

Today, more than 70% of hospice providers are owned by for-profit entities focused on financial gains. At the same time, Calvary, thanks to its many individual supporters, remains steadfast, an independent not-for-profit institution dedicated to uncompromising compassion after 125 years. Its mission revolves around alleviating the suffering of patients and their families, regardless of their ability to pay.

Calvary’s President, Dr. Christopher Comfort, said, “All of us are proud to be able to make our patients and their families as physically, spiritually, and emotionally comfortable as possible. We appreciate the privilege of caring for those most in need of our care at the most difficult time of their lives. We know we have only one chance to do this right.” Emphasizing the institution’s hands-on and hearts-in approach. “We prioritize the individual, not just their medical needs, and this ethos defines our commitment to compassionate healthcare.”

The Mid-Year Campaign is a rallying call to the broader Calvary family and the community at large to support this noble endeavor, to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others!

Every contribution, regardless of its size, can make a lasting difference. Calvary’s donors are not just financial supporters; they are catalysts of positive impact and messengers of love to their fellow man.

About Calvary Hospital: Calvary Hospital, with over a century of service, remains committed to providing compassionate care to patients and their families, irrespective of financial constraints. Guided by its unwavering dedication to individualized patient care and bolstered by a vibrant not-for-profit ethos, Calvary stands as a symbol of love, hope, and compassion in the realm of end-of-life healthcare.

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