Donor Profile: Bonnie Brennan

Bonnie Brennan

Deputy Chairman, Christie’s Americas, Calvary Fund Board Member, and Member, Calvary Professional Advisors Council (PAC)

What inspires you?

I come from a large Irish Catholic family and supporting others is part of the value system instilled in me as a child. Calvary is an extraordinary example of compassion and support. CH has a unique and special way of sharing its stories and how your contributions make an immediate impact.

In my professional life I deal with families at a challenging time in their lives. Together with my colleagues, I have the opportunity to solve problems and help families. While my clients are dealing with the loss of a loved one, oftentimes they need to sell tangibles to pay tax bills. The Christie’s team always offers the highest level of service, but especially at these difficult moments.

What brought you to Calvary?

How long have you been with CH? In 2006, I found out about the PAC. Before I signed up, I met some of the members and toured the Bronx campus. My visit and time with the CH team really impressed me, as commitment from all PAC members is an important part of being involved. The CH team wants us to know what it means to be part of this incredible place. Calvary’s signature events include Christie’s and the Attorney Conference. How do you feel about those two events?

It is a great honor for Christie’s to work with CH for their donor event each spring. The Attorney Conference has amazing energy and is an event that everyone looks forward to each year. The program, judges and speakers are always excellent and offer highly sought after ethics courses. There is a great sense of commitment and support for CH among the Trusts/Estates community in New York.

What inspires you to continue your commitment?

I lost both my parents to cancer over the last four years. No one prepares you for that experience. My mother lived out of state (which is why she didn’t go to CH). This experience has given me more of an appreciation for what Calvary does for families every day.

The personal experience I went through with my mother at her end of life keeps me coming back. Calvary has been a solid example of what it means to care for people at the end of life. It’s very difficult work. You can’t change the outcome but you can provide the best compassion and care.

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