Stories of Care

Shaul Gross

Shaul Gross

“What greater dignity to give a terminally-ill Holocaust survivor, who lived a life of giving dignity to others? We found Calvary.”

“My father, Baruch Gross, lived by the proverb of ‘He who gives honor to others.’

Ultimately, he would be honored himself. Surviving the unspeakable horrors of Auschwitz, my father chartered his life as a practicing religious Jew caring for the dignity of others.

So when the time came to find for my father the very best palliative care facility that would be equally sensitive to the most observant Jewish laws and traditions in end-of-life care, it was not so surprising that all roads lead to Calvary.

Yes, Calvary – a Catholic hospital that our Rabbinic consultants actually recommended.

Providing comfortable on-site accommodations with self-serve Kosher provisions in a most immaculately clean environment, Calvary’s world-renowned professionals helped ease my father’s pain while allowing us, our family and friends to feel comforted that his remaining days were filled with dignity and honor. Thank you, Calvary Hospital.”

– Shaul Gross

The First and The Most

Founded in 1899, Calvary is the first and only U.S. hospital dedicated to the palliative care of adult patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses. To date, we have provided end-of-life care to more patients than any other single entity in this country. We have a 120-year track record of providing excellent end-of-life care.

Calvary is committed to caring for patients from all faith backgrounds and in educating the Jewish community about how to obtain quality end-of-life medical care in full accordance with Halakha (Jewish law).

Why CalvaryCare®

Our philosophy focuses on treating the person and not just the disease. It means personalized custom care that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Calvary is the only hospice care provider in New York City backed by our own hospital
  • As patients’ medical needs evolve, Calvary is able to easily transfer patients between home hospice care and our acute care inpatient facilities

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and social workers from 30+ countries– and every medical student in New York City — come to us each year to learn the Calvary model of palliative care.

Every person who works at Calvary is committed to our core values: respect, dignity, non-abandonment of patients and their families; and working with family members as a team, whether we care for their loved ones for just one day, one week, or one month.

Where to get CalvaryCare®

Our signature care may be obtained at our four locations in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. Calvary@Home provides home care and hospice to patients in private homes, nursing and assisted living facilities in New York City, Westchester, Nassau, and Rockland counties.

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