Calvary Hospital and the Knights of Columbus: A History of Support

Knights of Columbus

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the Knights of Columbus for their annual Mass & Breakfast event, continuing a proud tradition that spans decades. This gathering, attended by representatives from 26 Knights Councils in the Bronx and Manhattan, highlights the unwavering support provided by the New York Knights to our life-affirming services.

Four Decades of Support

For over four decades, the Knights of Columbus have played a pivotal role in advancing our mission, contributing over $1.1 million to support expert medical, emotional, and spiritual care for approximately 6,000 patients and their families annually across greater New York. This enduring partnership, rooted in a shared commitment to service, ensures that those in need receive the compassionate care they deserve.

A Testament to Partnership

Timothy P. Barr and Knights of Columbus

Reflecting on this invaluable partnership, Timothy P. Barr, Executive Vice President of the Calvary Fund, said, “I cannot emphasize enough the historical significance and indispensable nature of our relationship with the Knights of Columbus. Their relationship with Calvary is historical and vital to everyone requiring our expert medical, emotional, and spiritual care. We are very grateful to the Knights of Columbus for their commitment to Calvary.”

The New York Chapter of the Knights of Columbus has dedicated itself to supporting Calvary Hospital as its principal beneficiary of charitable fundraising efforts for over four decades. Over this period, the Knights have contributed more than $1.1 million to support our mission and services.

Both organizations share deep roots, tracing back to our founding in 1899. This shared history and commitment to serving the community have solidified our partnership, ensuring that patients and families in need receive the compassionate care and support they deserve.

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