Make a Monthly Donation

Your monthly gift helps sustain programs for our patients and families year-round.

Why Become a Monthly Donor?

Your monthly gift makes an immediate impact! Your donation will help provide ongoing comfort, care, and compassion to over 6,000 Calvary Hospital patients and their families.

Your tax-deductible gift will help Calvary Hospital continue its sacred mission in the year ahead. Donate today and you will become a part of our Calvary Fund Calendar Club and receive a complimentary gift.

A monthly gift of $100+ makes you a Storrs Society member.

Giving Monthly to Calvary Fund is Easy:

We have put together some of the most common questions we receive about our monthly program. If you have any questions about donating monthly, please call us at 718-518-2000, ext. 2077. All donations received are designated to the areas that need it most.

A: We would be happy to help you, please call us directly at 718-518-2000, ext. 2077. If we receive your change prior to the month’s processing deadline we will make the change effective for that month. If not, it’ll take affect the next month.

A: Call us at 718-518-2000, ext. 2077. Your cancellation will take place the same month, or the following month, if the call is received after the 15th of the month.

A: All monthly donors will receive an annual statement listing the prior year’s total contributions. We mail this statement at the beginning of the year.

A: Monthly charges occur once per month. Your first online gift will be charged to your card on the date that your transaction is made. All subsequent charges will occur around the 15th of each month.