Calvary Celebrates 125 Years of Service

125 Year Anniversary

Join us this June in celebrating Calvary’s remarkable 125-year journey of dedication in advancing hospice and palliative care.

Calvary’s mission is to care for our patients and their loved ones’ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs. CalvaryCare® is known for its focus on delivering expert medical care, with a fine-tuned focus on the love and compassion expressed through our shared mission.

Wednesday, June 12, is Founder’s Day and Marks 125 years since our inception.

In 1899, in the dynamic period between the completion of the Brooklyn Bridge and the dawn of the new century, Annie Blount Storrs and a group of widows inspired by The Women of Calvary in France began caring for terminally ill women in New York City. Their compassion led to the establishment of the American House of Calvary in Greenwich Village.

Since then, Calvary has flourished thanks to the incredible generosity and compassion of friends and donors like you. Our friends and supporters play a vital role in our shared mission. We have come far from humble beginnings at 5 Perry Street in the West Village. Most importantly, our core values and mission have remained steadfast.

As we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we honor those who came before us in our previous 125 years of service. We stand in solidarity with those currently in our care and extend our love to all the hearts we will touch in the future.

Your contributions bring Calvary’s vision of compassionate care to life. As a donor, you walk alongside us, stepping into the homes of our hospice patients, into the rooms of our acute palliative care patients, and standing with our family care teams during the most challenging moments. Your support provides the healing touch of a Calvary doctor, the soothing comfort of a Calvary nurse, the nourishment from our nutrition team, and the calming presence of our family care teams and chaplains. You are the heart of CalvaryCare.

Reflecting on Annie Blount Storrs and Jeanne Francois Chabot Garnier’s legacy, we see how their pioneering spirit laid the foundation for our work today. Your support strengthens this legacy, enabling us to deliver essential programs and services to those in need.

Join us in this celebration, and take pride in the difference you make. Together, we are Calvary.

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