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Equitable Access to End of Life Care

At Calvary, we are committed to providing medical care and comfort to everyone who needs it, regardless of their ability to pay. As the nation’s only fully accredited acute care specialty hospital dedicated to hospice and palliative care for adult patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses for 125 years, we’ve set the standard.

There is no other Hospital and care system like ours.

Our comprehensive CalvaryCare® program encompasses inpatient care, pain management, hospice, home hospice, home care, and a robust bereavement and support program for loved ones, families, and friends. We prioritize addressing our patients’ and their families’ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Mental Health & Bereavement

Calvary offers one of the most comprehensive bereavement support programs in the New York metropolitan area. Our support groups are open to the public at no cost, a service we have provided for over two decades.

Bereavement support is central to Calvary’s mission of compassion and unwavering support. We are recognized as a vital resource for grieving families in the New York metropolitan area.

We offer free support groups for adults, children, and teens and referrals for further assistance if and when needed.

Family Support Services

“What’s special about the work we do here is that we build relationships with families. Amidst the challenges of death, pain, and sorrow, we also witness profound love and unwavering commitment among families, which is incredibly beautiful. Our staff epitomize Calvary’s mission – to offer comfort, compassion, and uphold the dignity of individuals at the end of their life.”
Stephanie Mastropaolo, LMSW

At Calvary Hospital, our Social Workers play a crucial role in supporting patients and their families through the challenges of illness and hospitalization. Recognizing that end-stage illnesses can bring about complex and overwhelming issues, we ensure that a dedicated Social Work/Family Care Practitioner is assigned to each patient and their family from the day of admission. This personalized approach helps alleviate stress and provides essential support during this difficult time.

Faith-Based Services

We are committed to providing compassionate care for the “whole” person, mind, body and spirit. At Calvary Hospital, we prioritize pastoral care as a cornerstone of our commitment to compassionate patient support. With a dedicated team of 24 chaplains representing various faith traditions, including Buddhism, Islam, and others, we ensure that spiritual needs are met with sensitivity and inclusivity.

Additionally, we have Spanish-speaking chaplains on staff to serve our diverse community better. Many of our chaplains are Board-certified and have completed Clinical Pastoral Education, enhancing their ability to provide empathetic care to our patients.

Specialized Medical Services

CalvaryCare embodies a unique approach at the end of life, blending hospice and palliative care modalities to provide comprehensive support for patients and their families.

Concierge Funding

Includes Naming Opportunities
Concierge Funding provides a bespoke level of support tailored to foundations and corporations in their quest to find the ideal fit for their donations. We are dedicated to ensuring that our funders have the utmost confidence that their contributions to Calvary Hospital are utilized effectively in alignment with their intentions and mission. Through this elevated service, we establish meaningful connections between donors and the programs or initiatives that align closely with their values, fostering impactful and lasting partnerships.