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Curtis Edward Moore

Curtis Edward Moore

“My dad served his country, protected his city, and sacrificed for his family. At 96, he deserves nothing but the best: Calvary at Home.”

In honoring her father, Curtis Moore, Phyllis Robinson shares a glimpse into his extraordinary life with us.

Curtis served our country as a Montford Point Marine and our city as an NYPD detective. A devoted family, man Curtis always put his children and grandchildren first.

Born in 1926, Curtis grew up during a time of segregation. Drafted into the military in 1944, Curtis embarked on what would become his career in public service.

During our interview, he vividly recalled the gut-wrenching moment when he and his fellow black cadets were separated from their white counterparts during their journey to the military base.

As a member of the Montford Point Marines, the first African-American Marine Corps combat unit, Curtis served with distinction within the company remembered today for their contributions at Peleliu, Iwo Jima, the Chosin Reservoir, Vietnam, and other historical battles.

Curtis MooreDespite facing racism and discrimination, Curtis remained devoted to serving his country, a testament to his strong spirit.

Curtis would go on to achieve the rank of Detective in the NYPD. However, his greatest accomplishment and life’s joy was raising a loving family, which he cherished above all else.

Later, when faced with health challenges other hospitals could not address, his family turned to Calvary’s hospice experts. Calvary doctors, nurses, and social workers restored Curtis’s quality of life and allowed his daughter to be his daughter again. At his home, Curtis shared his beaming smile with us, surrounded by his loving family, in his own house, receiving the world’s best end-of-life care, CalvaryCare®.

His daughter shared, “Calvary has been a blessing to my family.”

Curtis continued, “I wish I had the words to express my thanks to the Calvary Community, they’ve been just wonderful to me.”

We are excited to share the story of Curtis Moore’s remarkable life and proud to say with donor support Calvary was able to help provide the love, care and comfort he needed to enjoy each day.

Curtis’s story is a reminder of the power of love and community. Thank you for supporting Calvary and helping make a difference in the lives of individuals in our care.

This story was originally published before Mr. Moore passed away.